Monday, May 21, 2012

jQGrid Integration Kit for PL/SQL and Apex version 1.2 available

It's been over two years since I released the initial version of the jQGrid Integration Kit for PL/SQL and Apex.

Since then, I've added some additional features and fixed a few bugs:

Version 1.1

  • Procedure include_static_files_once will make sure required JS and CSS files are correctly included
  • Support for "popup_lov" column edit type
  • Procedure render_grid supports p_read_only parameter that can be used to set read-only dynamically
  • Support for some jQGrid built-in formatters based on Oracle column data type
  • Lists of values (select list variety, not Popup LOV) now support bind variables and Static LOVs
  • Date parser handles dates and times
  • Bug Fix: JSON generator now handles NULL parameter values (Thanks to Matt Nolan for spotting this one)

Version 1.2

  • Popup LOV now handles Apex bind variables and arbitrary LOV column names
  • Support for jQGrid grouping (experimental)

The latest version can be downloaded here.

New installation: Run the install.sql script. Then run all scripts in the upg folder. Copy the files in the js folder to your web server.

Upgrade from previous version: Run all scripts in the upg folder. Copy the files in the js folder to your web server (overwriting any previous version of the same files; or copy to a different folder and change references accordingly).

Note on jQuery and jQGrid versions: The Integration Kit (via the include_static_files_once procedure) references a specific jQuery version (1.3.2). If your web page includes a more recent version of jQuery, you should modify/remove the reference in the Integration Kit to avoid conflicts.

The version of jQGrid bundled with the Integration Kit is version 3.6. At the time of writing, the latest jQGrid version available is 4.3.2; this has not been tested with the Integration Kit.

Have fun, and please put any bug reports into the project issue list.

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