Monday, December 5, 2016

APEX plugin files and 404 not found in ORDS

After installing APEX 5.0.4 and ORDS 3.0.8 I had an issue where APEX plugins that have static files bundled with the plugin (files that at runtime get mapped to URLs such as /ords/your_workspace_name/r/your_app_id/files/plugin/123456789/v1/filename) were giving a 404 "not found" error from ORDS. Well, you actually have to open the console in the web browser to see the 404 errors, and then if you try to open the file directly you get a 404 page from ORDS:

I had seen this problem before, and it is typically because you have not run the apex_rest_config.sql script as part of your APEX installation, as explained by Patrick Wolf here and also in the docs.

However, in my case I was fairly certain I had already run the apex_rest_config.sql script. I re-ran it just in case (and restarted Tomcat), but I still got the error.

I then inspected the Tomcat log files (look in /usr/share/tomcat8/latest/logs/catalina.out) and found the following:

SEVERE [ajp-nio-8009-exec-1] . *** The pool named: |apex|pu| is reporting no APEX workspaces are enabled for RESTful Services,
 but the pool named: |apex|al| is reporting 1 workspaces are enabled.
This implies APEX was installed after Oracle REST Data Services. Please run the following command and restart Oracle REST Data Services:
        java -jar ords.war validate --database apex
APEX based RESTful Services, including those used to serve static resources will not function until this has been done.

So I did as instructed and ran this command

java -jar ords.war validate --database apex

and then restarted Tomcat

service tomcat restart

And that resolved this issue.