Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small patch for the Thoth Gateway (Apex on IIS)

Just a quick note to announce that a minor patch release (version 1.2.1) of the Thoth Gateway is available for download. The Thoth Gateway allows you to run Oracle Apex applications on the Microsoft IIS web server (a replacement for Apache and mod_plsql).

The following has changed:
  • Bug Fix for Content-Length: Fixed an issue where the content-length header would be incorrectly set for non-AL32UTF8 databases if the page contained multibyte characters.
  • Set ODP.NET connection string attributes: Added option to specify additional connection string attributes in the DAD configuration. This allows you to fine-tune the connection properties. See the ODP.NET documentation for more details.
Upgrade for existing installations: Simply download the latest version, unzip the archive and drop the PLSQLGatewayModule.dll file into your bin folder on the web server.


carl.schmid said...

Hi Morton

Thannk you for thoth!

We tried to install thoth on a iis 7 without any success. Do you have any hints?


Salim Hlayel said...

This is amazing tool.
Can you please post the steps to install it under IIS 7?
I really appreciate it.

chrvind said...

Congratulations on the terrific Thoth PL/SQL Gateway, which I am certain will be very useful for the many APEX administrators, developers and users running in a mixed environment of Microsoft clients, Microsoft AD and Oracle RDBMS.

This comment is just to mention that I have posted an enhancement request to the Thoth Gateway on Google Code:


This enhancement will enable both "Oracle Proxy Authentication" and "Oracle Operating System/Network Authentication" with per-user-connection-pooling, which will make the Thoth Gateway an even more compelling option.