Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad news about Oracle XE 11g

We all love Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE), and I'm sure everyone's waiting for the 11g version which incorporates all the feature enhancements and security fixes from the last three years.

However, it now looks like we have to wait "another year or two" for the 11g version of Oracle Express Edition :-(

Seriously, Oracle? No XE 11g before late 2011? That means something like six years between the 10g and the 11g version?

Meanwhile, Microsoft is releasing its free SQL Server Express Edition on the same schedule as the for-pay version.

If Oracle is serious about using Express Edition to gain converts to the Oracle database, it should seriously reconsider this decision to delay XE 11g.

Leave a comment below if you would like to see Oracle Express Edition 11g before 2011!


Roel said...

I want XE 11g NOW!!

Tobias Arnhold said...

I want XE 11g NOW!!

Salim Hlayel said...

I want it XE 11g NOW too ... this is really bad news for me :(

Laurent Schneider said...

> the first patch set ships for 11g Release 2

this does not mean 1 or 2 years, does it? I bet on 2010Q2 :)

dmcghan said...

I'd like to get XE 11g ASAP! And I'd like to see it with the Java engine! Or is that too much to ask???

Gary Myers said...

Your blog highlighted netalink note 742060.1 which gives Q2CY2010 as the release date for 11gr2 on Windows (and Q4 for HP OpenVMS Itanium), so I wouldn't expect XE before then.
Given the lack of patches for XE, its safer to have a version that has been round the blocks a few times.

Oracle said...


It would be gr8 if Oracle release next version of Oracle 10g XE with Apex 3.2 or 4.0