Monday, October 5, 2009

Native PL/SQL support in DB2

As reported by Steven Feuerstein in his PL/SQL programming newsletter this month, it is now possible to compile and run PL/SQL applications in IBM's DB2 database! Check out this demonstration video and more details at IBM's Developerworks.

Of course, the list of supported built-in packages is rather short (for example, UTL_HTTP and the XML packages are missing), but they do have support for REF CURSORS, CONNECT BY, and other advanced Oracle features.

This is cool, because it opens up a new market for all us PL/SQL developers out here.

Worth mentioning, too, is that EnterpriseDB (based on PostgreSQL) also has PL/SQL support.

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Stew Ashton said...

But not for DB2 on mainframe, which is far more important than DB2 on open systems.

The day DB2 on the mainframe has Oracle compatibility, things will get interesting. However, don't look for the same performance, diagnostic and monitoring toolset.